Dialogmøtet – en oppsummering

Hvordan kan kunst- og kulturinstitusjoner forbedre sitt arbeid med å nå ungdommer?


TrAP inviterer til dialogmøte om kunst og kulturinstitusjoners arbeid med å nå ut til ungdommer.

Dialogmøte: Språk + Ord = Identitet

Hvilke ord brukes til å beskrive representasjon og identitet i Norge? Dette var tema for årets dialogmøte i samarbeid med Nasjonalbiblioteket. Les Katinka Maraz, produsent for seminaret, sin oppsummering her og se video fra arrangementet.

Språk + ord = Identitet?

Hvilke ord brukes til å beskrive representasjon og identitet i Norge? TrAP og Nasjonalbiblioteket inviterer til digitalt seminar og workshop om språk, ord og identitet.

Dialogmøte: Rasisme i kulturlivet

TrAP inviterer til en workshop hvor vi vil utvikle en felles forståelse av hvordan rasisme i kulturlivet kan se ut.

Dialogmøte: Omstart!

What does the multicultural field hope to see in the coming white paper on culture? Read TrAP's alternative here, and watch the seminar recorded.

Stedsfrie lesninger

This seminar was an invitation to read African writers independent of their country of origin. We invited blogger, journalist and literary scholar, Ainehi Edoro as the keynote speaker.

Dialogmøte: Flerkulturelt kulturliv - TrAP om rekruttering til kulturlivet

A seminar on recruitment to the cultural field on April 27, 2017. Watch the video recording here.

Deception in High Places: Woman Cleaning Weapon Industry

Premiere of Gitte Sætre's latest video work, and a seminar on art and activism with Krist Gruijthuijsen (Grazer Kunstverein), Susanne Winterling (KHiO), Malin Barth (Stiftelsen 3,14) and Gitte Sætre, February 26 at 1-4 pm.

Utenforskap i kunst og litteratur

A conversation about exclusion, inclusion, and how these experiences are reflected through text, poetry and visual art. The seminar was held Saturday 7 November, coinciding with the opening of Serhed Waledkhanis new exhibition.

Kunstneren som brikke i byutvikling

TrAP and Akershus Kunstsenter hosted a seminar on the use of art and culture in urban development with speakers from Tøyen, Oslo; Fjell, Drammen and the neighbourhood of Tensta outside Stockholm.

Kunstfeltets uutholdelige skjevhet

A panel discussion where pluralism challenges consensus. TrAP and the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design welcomes you to a discussion on diversity and consensus in Norwegian art institutions.

A gathering of the ar(c)t(ic) tribes II

Collaboration between TrAP, Nordland Fylkeskommune, RAM galleri, Rana Museum and The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design

Den mangfoldige nasjonen: Kunsten og viljen til endring

Moderator Theodor Barth, professor, Oslo National Academy of the Arts – Design. Panel: Sissel Lillebostad (curator), Samir M'kadmi (artist and curator of In the National Museum's Blind Spot), Pierre Lionel Matte (artist). In collaboration with The National Museum

Prioritering av det frie feltet – fleip eller fakta?

Dialogue meeting on cultural policy. House of Literature. By TrAP in collaboration with Danseinformasjonen, Dramatikerforbundet, Norsk Musikkråd, Norske Billedkunstnere and Oslo Academy of the Arts. Video in Norwegian only.

Den nye kulturpolitikken

Panel discussion in Norwegian. With Kristin Danielsen, Olemic Thommesen (H), Ib Thomsen (FrP), Arild Stokkan-Grande (A), Hallstein Bjerke (V), Johan Tønnesson (SV) and moderator Håkon Flemmen, cultural editor of Klassekampen.

The Nature, Spirit and Future of Artist-Run Spaces and the Culture of Collective Self-Organization in Contemporary Art

Part of Colomborama. With Victor Albarracín (El Bodegón), Liv Bugge (FRANK), Leander Djønne (Dortmund Bodega), Per Gunnar Tverbakk (Otto Plonk), Olga Robayo/Marius Wang (El Parche), Geir Harald Samuelsen (Norsk kulturråd). Moderator: Line Halvorsen.

Det Interkulturelle Norden

Nordic workshop. Collaboration between TrAP, Center for Kunst & Interkultur and Nordisk ministerråd. Report in Norwegian only.

Viewing Palestine: Palestine in International Cultural Cooperation

This seminar was part of the project Viewing Palestine, a collaboration between TrAP and Sabreen Association for Artistic Development.

EUs kulturprogram og EU-prosjektfinansiering

Dialogue meeting

​Viewing Palestine: Freedom of Expression and Journalism: A Still Small Voice – A Big Echo

Part of Viewing Palestine, a collaboration between TrAP and Sabreen Association for Artistic Development. The seminar presented and discussed Palestinian literature, it's place in the world of literature, today's writers and traces and directions – as well as freedom of expression in a situation of external and internal conflicts, censorship and self-censorship.

Endringene i Norsk kulturråd

Dialogue meeting. Report in Norwegian only.

Frivillig arbeidskraft i det organiserte kunst- og kulturlivet

Our annual dialogue meeting for participants in the Norwegian cultural sector took place at Asker Kulturhus.

Kulturlivets internasjonale virkelighet – hvilket ansvar har mediene?

A two day seminar on art, culture and the media in collaboration with Dansens Hus. Report in Norwegian only.

Words – one path to peace and understanding

Part of WORDS, international literary festival in Oslo.

No more talking - let's DO something about it!

Intercultural seminar on collaboration, conditions and possibilities for artists and producers in the Nordic countries. Collaboration between Du store verden!, Nordisk Forum for Interkultur, Union Scene and Drammen Kommune.

Total Global, seminar

Seminar on grant schemes. Collaboration between Du Store Verden!, Mangfoldsåret 2008 and Gjensidigestiftelsen. Report in Norwegian only.

​Recycling the looking-glass / Trash art – Found objects seminar

Seminar related to the exhibition. With Marith Hope (The National Museum), Gérard Bertolini (University of Lyon), Leila Darabi (USA), art historian Kari Brandtzæg, Siri Mittet (University of Oslo). Collaboration between Du store verden!, Norske Kunstforeninger and The Agency – Alternativ Plattfom for Kunst.

Are there foreigners in Art?

Seminar on diversity within the arts. Collaboration between Du store verden! and The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.

Arrangørsamarbeid over grenser – langt utover Mangfoldsåret 2008!

Report in Norwegian only

Strategier for publikumsarbeid

In collaboration with Cosmopolite. Report in Norwegian only.

Kulturelt mangfold i kulturformidlingen

Report in Norwegian only

Ungdom som utøvere og publikum

Seminar in collaboration with KulturHuset. Report in Norwegian only.

Frokostmøte om styrearbeid

Breakfast seminar and launch of the new publication on the need for diversity in Norwegian board rooms, "Mer makt til mangfoldet". The publication is part of the project Styrende Mangfold and in Norwegian only.

Dialogmøte: Hvordan kan vi best påvirke?

At TrAP's annual dialogue meeting we discussed how to gain influence in politics, in the media and in society.


In collaboration with Oslo World Music Festival, Plan Norway and Nobel Peace Center we invite you to conversations about faith, hope and dreams, and art.

Dialogmøte: Hvordan nå minoritetene?

A seminar on how to make your institution relevant to minority groups. Thursday, April 14, 2016. Watch the video recording here.

What New Internationalism?

This seminar examined the power structures at play in the global art world. Keynote speaker Ruth Noack draws on her experiences as a curator and art critic, followed by a panel. Watch the lecture and panel presentations here.

Minoritetsungdom og kreative yrker

Young Norwegians with a minority background are less likely to consider a career within the cultural sector. How can we tackle this issue, and increase diversity in arts education?