Dialogmøte: Omstart!

What does the multicultural field hope to see in the coming white paper on culture? Read TrAP's alternative here, and watch the seminar recorded.


Read TrAP's white paper on culture here (in Norwegian).

On a subconscious level many people have an idea about who art and culture is made for - and that it is not for them. It is a democratic problem that culture contributes to strengthen the distance felt by many to an elite, to what it means to be Norwegian - or a worrying combination of the two. How can the white paper on culture contribute to shorten this distance? What will it take to ensure leaders, artists and audience groups with minority backgrounds become an integral part of the Norwegian cultural scene?

We invited artists and cultural workers with a minority and Sami background to hear what they think is needed and to see whether there are any similarities between experienced distances to the Norwegian cultural world.

13.00 Propositions for a more diverse future for the Norwegian arts. Presentations by Managing Director of TrAP Hilde Maisey, film producer Khalid Maimouni and visual artist and poet Synnøve Persen (in Norwegian)

14:20 Tonya Nelson, Head of Museums and Collections, UCL Museums, London. What skills and knowledge do we need develop in order to stay relevant for the future? (in English)

15:40 Dara Goldar from local neighbourhood initiative Unge Holmlianere in conversation with State Sectretary of the Department of Culture, Frida Blomgren (in Norwegian)

The seminar was led by Namra Saleem.






26. april



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