SPRING 2018 _ All Borders Are Temporary

During this season we explore the passing of thresholds and borders, and question who is given access to re-imagine the future


Keys to the City is a perennial project with the goal of presenting various opportunities in the cultural world for young people aged 15 to 25 living in east Oslo. Working with various cultural institutions in Oslo, we create workshops at schools, libraries and youth clubs. Following this, we invite the participants to meet practitioners and leaders from the cultural field. These meetings will lead to both creative projects and internships at the institutions with the goal of creating longterm relations between these institutions and young people in the east end of Oslo.

In collaboration with the Arts Council Norway, TrAP is starting a two-year nordic collaboration around audience development in art museums in Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Greenland. Springing from our project, Keys to the City, cultural institutions in different countries will test methods to reach a more diverse audience. We will meet three times annually and share our experiences. The project concludes with creative community projects and a publication with experiences, strategies and practical results from the project.

TrAP contributes to a more diverse cultural life in Tromsø. Tromsø is known to be an inclusive and open city with a large international community. We also want this to be the case when it comes to the cultural life of the city. TrAP and Tromsø municipality wish to promote more artistic diversity both in cultural institutions and amongst other established practitioners. Tromsø municipality is collaborating with TrAP to ensure that the festivals and arenas of the city are relevant for all of Tromsø’s population.

PUBLIC ART: Here and There
Here and there by Marie Skeie and Motaz al Habbash is a project aimed at meeting artists who have recently arrived in Norway. We want to get to know new artists and learn their stories. One of the goals is to establish a mentor scheme that will connect local artists with artists who are newcomers to Norway. Here and there creates meetings between artists, institutions and public administration and will offer knowledge about Norwegian art. Through this project we wish to build bridges, create opportunities for new collaborations and make the Arts more accessible and open in general.

DANCE / PERFORMANCE: Stranger Within
Shows in Tøyen, March 2-18. Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival in collaboration with Black Box Theater and Intercultural Museum, Oslo Museum. The artists Mia Habib and Jassem Hindi have travelled to meet new people and perform in their everyday life. They perform in people’s homes in exchange for food and in other social settings as part of a larger research and performance project. Throughout 2017 they visited three places in the Northern part of Norway. In 2018 they continued to develop the project in Oslo. The process was documented and presented during autumn 2018.

EXHIBITION: To Mars By All Means
Oslo: Kulturkirken Jakob, August 3 - 12, 2018. Øya club day, August 7. To Mars By All Means is a video installation by Anawana Haloba. It is inspired by the story of Edward Mukuka Nkoloso. In 1964 his dream was to get funding for an African space-program and to change his homeland, Zambia, into a «future world-class society». Haloba explores how the African nation’s colonial and post-colonial history can be seen in architecture and how the visions of Nkoloso can be used to imagine alternatives in our own time. This project was exhibited for the first time in Kulturkirken Jakob for two weeks during summer 2018 and was part of this year’s Øya club day.

PUBLICATION / LITERATURE: All borders are temporary
Distributed from April 7th. We made an open call for science-fiction stories under the theme All Borders Are Temporary and received entries from all over the world. In this way we gain impulses from a genre that uses literature as a social tool – with different thoughts on the theme of border-crossing as phenomena. The nine entries that were selected, are from nine different countries, spread out over four continents. Bodhisattva Chattopadhyay, Postdoc at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages at the University of Oslo, is the editor of the publication. We published this as a free and illustrated newspaper with the texts translated into Norwegian. The publication is the third in TrAP’s publication series 10 Investigations.

SEMINAR: TrAP’s white paper on culture
Oslo House of Literature, April 26. What does the multicultural field hope to see in the coming white paper on culture? On a subconscious level many people have an idea about who art and culture is made for - and that it is not for them. It is a democratic problem that culture contributes to strengthen the distance felt by many to an elite, to what it means to be Norwegian - or a worrying combination of the two. How can the white paper on culture contribute to shorten this distance? We invited cultural workers with a minority and Sami background to hear what they think is needed and to see whether there are any similarities between experienced distances to the Norwegian cultural world.

FILM PROGRAM: All Borders are Temporary
Trondheim: April 3-4, Oslo: April 8 and 10, Tromsø: April 16-17. This film program is based on our seasonal theme. It is focused on having a dream and the challenges that need to be solved while trying to achieve this. The dream of a better and alternate future has to be something we all have in common, not to be controlled or owned by the few. The program contained four films that all look towards space yet at the same time they are rooted in social and political issues on earth. Our main guest was the artist and filmmaker, Nelly Ben Hayoun, with her film The International Space Orchestra. It was shown with The Lebanese Rocket Society by Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, Nostalgia For The Light by Patricio Guzmán and Meteors by Gürcan Keltek. In collaboration with Cinemateket, RAKE Visningsrom and Meta.Morf in Trondheim, Cinemateket in Oslo and Verdensteatret and Tromsø municipality.

MUSIC: Musikkfest Oslo
Oslo: Kubaparken, June 2, 2018. TrAP co-produces an international music stage as part of Musikkfest Oslo. The musical producer is Ricardo Sanchez. This year we wanted to use this event to mark a protest against modern slavery.

EXHIBITION: Mother Tongue
Oslo: Oslo Museum - IKM, September 21, 2017 - March 24, 2018. In Mother Tongue six Turkish artists comment on the changes Turkey is going through, seen from women’s perspective. They do this through video installations. The exhibition has been touring since autumn 2015. Oslo was the last stop in Norway, while it continues to travel though Sweden throughout 2019.