Musikkfest Oslo 2018

TrAP hosted the World Music Stage in Kubaparken during this year's Musikkfest, with live music throughout the day and into the night.


TrAP co-produces an international music stage as part of Musikkfest Oslo, where we present a program with music from all over the world. The World Music Stage is a collaboration between TrAP and producer Ricardo Sanchez from Pacha Productions. Mambo and Portal Peruano will served delicious Latin American food and drinks.

You could also tune in on FM 105,8, DAB or listen online to Radio Latin-Amerika's live transmission from Kubaparken.

This year we wanted to use this event to mark a protest against modern slavery in Libya, in collaboration with LNR, the Norwegian organisation against racism. There were speeches by Mina Adampour, commentator, activist and medical doctor, and Marian Abdi Hussein, politician from the party SV, and we launched the hashtag #SyngMotSlaveri - Sing against slavery. Thank you to all participants!

14:30 Dj Ariel
14:55 MC Sheldon Blackman
15:00 Patrick & Tarak
15:15 Pablo Alcayaga
15:30 Trio Oro
16:00 Jessica Kiil
16:30 Centro de Flamenco
16:45 Cecilie Noreng
17:00 Viejas Brujas
17:30 Son Clave
18:00 Dj Jluis Cuba
18:00 Checho Cuadros Duo
18:30 INTI Fusion
19:00 Checho-INTI Fusion
19:05 Yalex
19:15 BirdNeST
19:30 King Milo and the African Flavors
20:00 Gabba
20:30 Xavier & Los sin Fondo
21:00 Triniboi Joocie & DJs, Titan VCD
21:30 Chino & Fela with The Silky Johnson's
22:00 Sørgekåpe
22:30 Atomikilombo






June 2



Produced by
Ricardo Sanchez
In collaboration with
Musikkfest Oslo
Portal Peruano
Radio Latinamerika
Landsforeningen mot rasisme (LNR)
Musikkfest 2017 / TrAP