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TrAP and the municipality of Tromsø work together to make the cultural arenas of the city more relevant to the ever more diverse population of Tromsø. See our past and upcoming events here.


Tromsø is known to be an inclusive and open city with a large international community. We want this to also characterize the cultural life of the city. TrAP and the municipality of Tromsø wish to promote more artistic diversity both in cultural institutions and amongst other established practitioners. Therefore, we will work to strengthen the local festivals, cultural institutions and other arenas for culture. We want to create more activity with international groups, local associations and individuals who work to increase cultural diversity in order to become more relevant for the groups who rarely attend cultural events.

We would like to find out what Tromsø-dwellers have in common across different backgrounds and we want to hear their ideas for activities that will bring the city's population together. The project will support local activities that stimulate curiosity, and that lowers the bar for participation. Activities can for example be developed and presented in a collaborative process with the audience. It is important that activities can be the start of new collaborations. Some events may be repeated, developed further or adapted for a new location. Nasra Ali Omar will lead the project:

Our aim is to create new meeting places for people of all ages and backgrounds - and contribute to a more cultural and more inclusive city.

We will update this page with more events in Tromsø in the following months. Stay tuned!

Previous events:
We collaborate with the international festival of literature, Ordkalotten, to bring a diverse set of voices into the program. This year, the festival theme is childhood stories. Author, playwright and performing artist Camara Lundestad Joof talked about her book debut, Saturday November 10.

International Week
August 11 – 23, TrAP Tromsø and the Municipality of Tromsø presented a week of cultural activities. There was be concerts, cultural events, workshops and more. We hosted World Beat Dance with DanceLab, a capoeira workshop with Flerkulturelt Forum, a concert and dance show with and Habaneroz, Newroz and Kader Tarhanine at Kulturhuset, and an embroidery workshop with artist Marsil Andjelov Al-Mahamid, in collaboration with Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Citegration and ArtZone. See more at:

Back to School Festival
August 24 at Stortorget. We helped create a free festival for all the pupils from the Upper Secondary Schools in Tromsø, in collaboration with DKS Tromsø and RakettNatt. Maxida Marak, DAGNY, Bendik and Gurls were among artists.





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