Her og der

Meetings. Art. Stories. A survival guide for artists who recently arrived in Norway, by Marie Skeie and Motaz al Habbash.


I worked as an artist in Syria and had a number of exhibitions, both in Syria and abroad. I knew everyone, and everyone knew me. When I came to Norway I had to start all over again. Nobody knows who I am. I don’t understand how the system works or where to go.

- Anas Salamah

Anas Salamah is one of many artists who has come to Norway in recent years and has to find the keys to unlock his future in a new country. Here and there will create meetings between artists, institutions and public administration, and provide access to valuable information about the Norwegian arts scene.

The people behind this idea are the artists Marie Skeie and Motaz al Habbash. They know how hard it can be to establish oneself in a new country, through their own experiences living and working in Palestine, Japan, Brazil and Norway. The project will build a website with information about how to navigate in Norwegian arts and culture. Here, you will find information about exhibitions, scholarships and grants, education, residencies, artist organizations, registering a business and more. Artists also get the opportunity to present their portfolio online. As part of the project, we will host concerts, screenings and presentations with the artists involved at local venues.

Here and there also allows artist organizations and established Norwegian art institutions to get acquainted with new artists and create new collaborations.

Here and There was launched at Skatten, Oslo, October 23 at 6 pm.

Get in touch with Marie and Motaz at marie@herogder.org and motaz@herogder.org, and follow the project at herogder.org.





Produced by
Marie Skeie
Motaz al Habbash
Supported by
Arts Council Norway
OXLO - Municipality of Oslo