HØST 2017 _ True North

We are living in a time where European identity once again is attempted rewritten into an untrue and limited history about who and what we are. Autumn 2017 we asked whether ethnic diversity is not in fact our true Nordic identity and whether the cultural world can contribute to create a new, shared sense of belonging.


AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT: “Keys to the city”
Oslo: K1, Tøyen, Sep. 19 and Nov. 21
The goal for Keys to the City is to ensure that the cultural field in Norway naturally reflects the society in which we live. An important premise in this program is that it is not the target group that needs help tapping into the cultural field, on the contrary, it is the cultural field that needs new contributions to stay relevant. We focus on young adults aged 15 to 25 because this age group has great potential in terms of becoming both future artists, cultural workers, as well as users of cultural institutions. The groups we work with are chosen based on the city’s geography. We invited young adults aged 15 to 25 from Tøyen, Oslo, to participate in speed-dating sessions with 6 cultural institutions.

We have started an inter-Nordic discussion alliance focused on the Nordic societies with Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture (CKI) in Copenhagen, Denmark and Södra Community Theater in Malmø, Sweden. This is a practical collaboration around our projects. In addition, we compare the work done for equality and inclusion in the arts in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

PODCAST: Transit Radio
The second season of Transit Radio consists of three episodes that gives you the raw, authentic sound of the neighborhoods where asylum seekers live. We get behind the façade of what we see at first glance. Documentarists from the podcast collective Frekvens spends five days at the asylum seekers reception centers where Oslo World Music Festival arranges “Our Neighbourhood Festival”. Through conversations, scenes and recorded sounds, we capture the essence of life as an asylum seeker where a mix of hope and traumatic pasts meets uncertainty. To fully understand the word “meeting place” we make room for the people and landscapes that surround the centers - free of prejudices. How do we meet the asylum seekers? And how do these meetings sound?Find to the episodes at transitradio.no, iTunes or in your podcast app.

BOOK / WORKSHOP: KhiO at Biblo
Oslo: Biblo, 2.10. – 6.10.
Students from the Master program at the Design department of Oslo National Academy of the Arts hosted a book production workshop for youngsters at Biblo library in Tøyen, the library for young people aged 10 to 15. With this project, we aim to pass knowledge about the creative vocational possibilities in a part of the city where few students choose to pursue a higher education in the Arts. The workshop will lead to the production of a book.

FILM: “I write my own future” TrAP’s film series about belonging
Oslo: Kunstnernes Hus, Sep. 26 – 27
Trondheim: Cinemateket, Oct. 9
Tromsø: Verdensteatret, Oct. 9 – 10
The program started off with Fiona Tan's feature film debut, dealing with memory loss and how to create a new life in a troubled Europe. It included Nele Wohlatz’s film about a 15 year old Chinese immigrant worker who is starting a new life in the big city of Buenos Aires, and the newest film from Anocha Suwichakornpong, a poetic story about the memories after a massacre at a university of Bangkok in 1976 carried out by the military. The last part of the program was the Argentinian documentary by Pablo Agüero about four women who have all made the decision to break free from mainstream society. Instead, they have all found different new religious communities in Patagonia. None of the films have previously been shown in Norway. The screening in Trondheim was collaboration with Rake Visningsrom.This is the first time TrAP screened art films from around the world, great films do not normally get commercial distribution.

DANCE/PERFORMANCE: “Stranger Within”
Alta and Kirkenes, Sep. 30 - Oct. 6 and Nov. 13-18
Artists Mia Habib and Jassem Hindi travelled through the North of Norway to meet people and perform in their everyday life. The performances are created with the people who invite the artists home. The process was captured on film and through photographs and will be presented in Oslo and Bergen during 2018.

Harstad: Arctic Moving Image Film Festival, Oct. 19-22
The artists Michel Pavlou and Martin Slaatto coordinated an open air program in Harstad during Arctic Moving Image & Film Festival 2017. The program both contains video projections and performances that relate to the overall theme for the festival, people on the move. The project is a continuation of the work the artists did for TrAP during Dobry trh in Bratislava, December 2016.

EXHIBITION: ”Mina/MEG – A Feminist, Artist and Activist Queer Exhibition”
Svolvær: Nordnorsk Kunstsenter, Nov. 10, 2017 – Jan. 14, 2018.
The exhibition Mina/Meg features artists Zanele Muholi, Ahmed Umar, Linn Cecilie Ulvin and Sara Christensen and is curated by Lerato Dumse and Henriette Stensdal for Kunstplass [10] in collaboration with TrAP as tour producer. The traveling exhibition addresses personal experiences related to LGBT identity, love, intimacy and xenophobia. The exhibition has been touring since autumn 2016 and with Svolvær as the final destination.

EXHIBITION: Mother Tongue
Oslo: Oslo Museum IKM, Sep. 21 – Dec. 17
The exhibition will opened at IKM in Oslo on September 21 with a seminar lead by Bente Nicolaysen and an introduction by Aysegül Leblebicioglu about exile experiences. The conversation problematized experiences of increasing conservative life choices among women in different diasporas. Artists Selda Asal og Isin Önol was present at the exhibition opening. The exhibition presents six Turkish video artists. This touring exhibition was first shown during autumn 2015. Through our collaboration with Norske Kunstforeninger it has been presented all across Norway.



Torgrim Halvari
​Poster design:
João Doria