The Nature, Spirit and Future of Artist-Run Spaces and the Culture of Collective Self-Organization in Contemporary Art

Del av Colomborama. Med Victor Albarracín (El Bodegón), Liv Bugge (FRANK), Leander Djønne (Dortmund Bodega), Per Gunnar Tverbakk (Otto Plonk), Olga Robayo/Marius Wang (El Parche), Geir Harald Samuelsen (Norsk kulturråd). Moderator: Line Halvorsen.


Tekst på engelsk:

Since the emerging of Artist-Run Spaces and Collective Self-Organization in the 1960s and 70s, their modus operandi has been of utmost importance within the development of contemporary art. Coming to life as a natural respond to the social and cultural changes at the time, Artist-Run Spaces and Collective Self-Organization applied alternative models and strategies for art practices that questioned the notion of the art world itself and its establishment. Embraced by the avant-garde they were crucial for the introduction of new artistic expressions and alternative art practices

Today, nearly 50 years later, what is the nature, essence and function of these practices? What position do they hold within the art world and what do they represent? Can we still consider them to be avant-garde and to represent an opposition to the established institutions or have they become an integrated part of it? Are these practices to be considered artistic expressions in themselves or have they just become a strategy and platform to launch the careers of their members and participants?

Supported by Arts Council Norway, Fritt Ord, Ministry of Foreign Affairs / OCA






24. april 2013



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