Dialog Asia

This nation wide programme dedicated to Asian influences included artists living in and outside Norway, from all disciplines. The program was based on collaboration, tours, exchange projects and guest performances.


Dialog Asia took place throughout 2002 with special events in spring and autumn, and continued into 2003. The formal opening was celebrated March 14th with the opening of the exhibition Text & Subtexts in Oslo. The wide programme had two main programme areas:

A national programme coordinated by the DSV Network, with both site specific and touring events across the country. The programme involved performers and artists from Asia and people working with Asian arts and culture in Norway. In collaboration with members, organisers, artists and other partners, the quality of the programme was ensured by consulting professionals in all fields.

The programme also relied on local initiatives that were linked to the overall theme, but created at a local level, with local and international collaborators. These projects created meeting places between visiting and local artists and the public, in as many municipalities as possible throughout Norway. Selection, content, quality and finances was secured at a local level, but all projects had a shared focus on intercultural relations in society.

See selected projects below, and the full program here.




Visual Art, Performing Arts, Music, Literature





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