Stranger Within - en dokumentarfilm

We are proud to present our new documentary, directed by Vibeke Heide. The film premiere was at Interkulturelt Museum, Oslo, October 11, and it was shown as part of the exhibition and performance project Stranger Within in Oslo and Bergen.


The film follows artists Mia Habib and Jassem Hindi on their travels through Finnmark the fall of 2017. Along the way Habib and Hindi have performed in people's houses in exchange for a dinner or a coffee. The work has been developed in the spirit of hosting strangers with strangeness, where art is stuck inside reality.

TrAP has taken the role of producer for Habib and Hindi's tour of Troms and Finnmark, and later to Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen. We agreed to follow the artists through the far north, capturing their journey through the lens. The film brings the viewer into people's homes, and is a personal and intimate close-up with different people who let themselves be surprised and bewildered by Habib and Hindi's invasion of their daily lives. We also meet the artistic guests Helle Siljeholm and Sina Seifee.

“If you look at this landscape and the north from afar it could look quite empty, really in the periphery of everything. And then the moment you enter it's really this place of so many layers of history. It becomes a magnifying glass for looking at Norwegian history. The geographical placement, the geopolitical area it is in. And also when we talked about this idea of the stranger within: In a very small area you have these rich histories of different Norwegian minorities”

Mia Habib

The film premiere was at Interkulturelt Museum, Oslo, October 11. You could see it as part of the exhibition and performance Stranger Within, October 11-20.

The film was also shown at Oktoberdans, Bergen, as part of the performance Stranger Within, October 23 and 24.






October 11



Vibeke Heide
Janne Lindgren
Astrid Skumsrud Johansen
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