Sheldon Blackman & the Soul Rebels

Sheldon Blackman and the Soul Rebels played at Vårt hjem in Steinkjer, Saturday 13 November at 14.00. The concert was a part of Hilmarfestivalen.


Sheldon Blackman and the Soul Rebels play dancy rhythms in the genres calypso, soca, reggae, rapso and jamoo. Sheldon Blackman is a musician, singer and songwriter from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago. His music is best described as "Caribbean heart beat music!", expressions of Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Rapso and Jamoo fused with elements of jazz, blues and urban music. From his conception, music has been an integral part of his life. His natural love for music was recognized at an early age and nurtured by the expert hand of his father the late great Ras Shorty I, known as the creator of the musical genres of "Soca" and "Jamoo". The baton of leadership of The Love Circle, who is considered the first family of music in Trinidad and Tobago, was passed to Sheldon on the death of his father in 2000. He has now moved on to developing a solo career, with the four albums Remember me, One Big Fat Love Bomb, Overflowing and Hope. Read more at

Blackman has been living in Norway the last couple of years, while he has also continued to do concerts in his home country, where he is a recognised musician in high esteem. Blackman has worked with musicians from around the world and as with each new generation, he is determined to chart his own course in the music industry. What is unique about the islands of Trinidad and Tobago is the diverse culture that has evolved from the indigenous peoples, European colonizers, Africans who came through enslavement, Indian and Chinese laborers. These elements have all contributed to a unique flavor of world music and diverse expressions. Blackman's unique style, combined with his band The Soul Rebels, made up of freelance musicians from around the world who bring their own flavor and experience, has given Sheldon Blackman and The Soul Rebels its cutting edge.

The band consists of Sheldon Blackman (lead vocals, guitar) Uriel Seri (drums), Harris Aristide (bass), Criz Kristofersen (keyboard) and Bendik Brænne (sax).

Sheldon Blackman & the Soul Rebels also played at Tou Scene in Stavanger Saturday 26 August 2011, at 9 pm. The concert was in collaboration with TrAP and Kultur-Chi.

Sheldon Blackman & the Soul Rebels also performed at Urban World, our concert series at Cosmopolite in Oslo.






13 November 2010