With the project innSYN=INNsikt the visual artist Vibeke Jensen wishes to enter into dialogue with the multicultural population of Oslo. The project takes as a starting point the language we use to talk about migration.


The project takes as a starting point the choice of language on the topic of migration and aims to negotiate language barriers and to give insight into how language is taken into use to define positions and attitudes. innSYN=INNsikt challenges its audience to reflect upon established concepts and to actively take part to debate and reconsider prejudices associated with migration.

innSYN=INNsikt includes an exhibition at the Oslo Museum /IKM, a web site and a number of Oslo city central urban interventions. By mounting interactive light sculptures, Shields of Equivalence, by infiltrating commercial advertisement boards and by presenting thought provoking tag lines in public spaces, the project aims to reach a broad audience.

NORSK=OTHER is an installation presented at Galleri IKM at the Oslo Museum, Tøyenbekken 5. The exhibition includes a live video projection of a digital questionnaire and two sculptural installations.

Shields of Equivalence are mounted in Grønland and Majorstuen, two strategic spots in the city. The metallic shields are equipped with interactive LED-shields to where passers-by may contribute their own phrases of equivalence by sending an sms with I AM="...." and YOU ARE="...." to a specified number.

Equivalences are textual animations that infiltrate the advertisement boards of the city. They were placed at Byporten, at Oslo S, at the National Theatre tube station and at the IMDi reception desk in Tollbugata.

The project web site hosted a forum for debate and a growing data base W(ord)=BANK with equivalences, the questionnaire ID=CHECK, background material and current documentation on the project. Information on the project was also available through a free paper distributed by the project collaborating partners and at the various sites.

The opening took place at 6pm, 4 November, at at Oslo central station, track 11, with a walking tour through Grønland Torg to Gallery IKM.

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Visual Art


5 November-19 December 2010



Produced by
The DSV Network
Oslo Museum / IKM
Support by
Arts Council Norway
Municipality of Oslo
Public Art Norway (KORO)
Ministry of Education