Hassany og Diven

Hassany and Diven is a performance based on folk stories and mythology from Iran and neighbouring countries such as Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Kurdistan, written and directed by the Iranian author Elyas Poorgholam.


The play revolves around the celebration of Nårooz, the Iranian New Year's celebration that coincides with our spring Equinox. Poorgholam's fairytale tells the story of Uncle Nårooz and Hagi Firooz, the bringers of spring, who will come in one week and spread happiness and hope among the people. Nårooz represents the light that is about to return, the power that dispels the dark times. But in this tale, the black beast of Diven has captured Nårooz. The bringer of spring will not come and nor will Spring itself. But the children rejoice and through dance they manage to liberate Uncle Nårooz and so bring back the light, which lets joy and safety return.

With Ella Gyri Groven (Dark Skies and Hassany's mother), Nima Hajiri (Hagi Firooz), Helga Meisingset (Cold Wind and Narges' mother), Mohammad Mirzadeh (Hassany), Najmadin Mostefapoor (Diven), Nasrin Khosrevi (Narges and Sol) Reza Saki (Uncle Nårooz). Scenographer was Celile Güzelce. Music by Sayed Dibaj, performed by Said Dibaj – Tov Ramstad – Mats Monstad.

The play was first produced in 2008 by the DSV Network, for a target audience of families and children aged 6-10 years old. The story is published in the book Good Night, Stories from the Whole Wide World (Godnatt - Fortellinger fra vide verden), Kulturbro forlag, in 1999.

"The text talks about our planet; about the environment. We want to have a sunny, green Earth for all. Children are against war and for peace and quiet. The play intendeds to acquaint children in Norwegian schools with other cultures, traditions and New Year's celebrations."

Elyas Poorgholam

Performances 2010
16 March, Wahl primary school (final rehearsal)
20 March, 14:00, Deichmanske bibliotek avd. Furuset (free entry)
15 May, 15:00, MS Innvik / Nordic Black Theatre, Langkaia, Bjørvika (entry: 50 NOK)

Performances 2008 at the TWIST 08 festival
6 November, 18:00, Det Åpne Teater (50,- / 75,-)
7 November, 18:00, Det Åpne Teater (50,- / 75,-)

Photo: Mårten Bjørklund and Bjørn Isaksen




Performing Arts


6.-7. November 2008-15 May 2010



Director and script
Elyas Poorgholam
Produced by
Du Store Verden!
MS Innvik
Nordic Black Theatre
Deichmanske bibliotek avd. Furuset
Supported by
Municipality of Oslo
Akershus County Council