Hassan Al Rassam Ensemble

A musician with a strong musical expression and a clear political voice captivated the audience in Oslo and Drammen.


In collaboration with Samspill Global Music Network and Union Scene we took Hassan Al Rassam and his ensemble on a mini tour. Hassan Al Rassam is a popular singer from Iraq. He lives in Oslo, but has a broader recognition abroad than in Norway, with a long musical career. Hassan fled Iraq in 1998 after his involvement in politics became the subject of Saddam Hussein's attention. Last year, he traveled to Syria, in order to develop his musical career further in the arabic countries. Here, he recorded two videos. One of them has a strong message against political violence and received broad attention from the press throughout the eastern Arab region. It was one of the most played videos on television channels in the Middle East. For this concert tour Al Rassam brought a band of Arab musicians based in the Netherlands, Norway and Germany.






23 - 26 March


Oslo, Drammen