El Bodegón Post-Mortem

The artist-run El Bodegón has contributed to raising the Colombian underground art scene to a new level. This exhibition is a tribute to what has been one of the most important alternative art venues in Bogotá the last decade, placed in a gallery that has played a similar role in Oslo.


El Bodegón started as a collaboration project between artists and professors from different universities in Bogotá. As all artist initiated collaboration projects, El Bodegón was intense, incredibly important and short lived. It fueled a drastic change and boosted a lot of the art scene we find in Bogotá today.

Not only do El Bodegón and Dortmund Bodega have similarities in the name, their structure and positions in their respective art scenes may also be seen as a cultural and artistic brotherhood. This exhibition presents the work and history of El Bodegón, through a post-mortem documentary produced by Jimena Andrade and Marco Moreno, and a publication project directed by Victor Albarracín, one of the driving forces behind El Bodegón. The result is a week dedicated to artist-run spaces and the culture of collective self-organization.


19. April – Dortmund Bodega

21. April – Dortmund Bodega

24. April – El Parche Artist Residency
, W17 / Kunstnernes Hus

This exhibition was a part of Colomborama.




Visual Art


19—26 April



Victor Albarracín
Produced by
Dortmund Bodega
El Parche
Arts Council Norway
Fritt Ord
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Office for Contemporary Art
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