Padik Autumn Tour

Our music tour for the fall of 2012, Padik specializes in Balochi music with a fresh Nordic infusion and has delivered passionate, almost spiritual performances for the BBC in London and at various venues in Europe.


Padik is the jingle sound of chiming anklets that women in Balochistan put on when they want to be especially enticing. The culture of Balochistan - a region spanning southeastern Iran, western Pakistan and southwestern Afghanistan - is distinguished, in part, by its poignant music that resonates with people far beyond its borders.

Abdul Rahman Surizehi is without dispute the grand maestro of the benju, a type of cittra from Balochistan. He regularly tours all over the world performing as a soloist as well as a member of various groups. Considered a living legend among music lovers of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and parts of India, he has also been rewarded with the prestigious German music award “Preis der Deutschen Schallplatten Kritik" and the Norwegian Folk Music prize in 2006.

Anne Hytta is a soloist as well as a member of various ensembles, such as the trio Slagr and British-based SYM. During the past few years, she has studied Balochi music with Abdulrahman Surizehi with whom she has performed in numerous concerts. The sympathetic strings of the Hardanger fiddle is a feature shared with the Balochi Soroud. When its sound is woven into Balochi music, unlike “cross-over", the resulting sound is traditional Balochi with a delightful, slightly exotic twist.

Padik's lead singer, Rostam Mirlashari, sings traditional and modern music from Baluchistan, Iran. He has mastered many different singing techniques adding a shimmering depth to Padik's sound. Mirlashari also founded and sings with the highly successful world music group Golbang, which has published four acclaimed albums to date.

27. September 18:30 Strømsø Kirke, Drammen Sacred Music Festival
19 October 20:00 Riksscenen, Oslo
24 October 21:00 Arendal kulturhus, Arendal
10 November 14:00 Vårt Hjem, Steinkjer, Hilmarfestivalen 2012

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27 Sep—10 Nov



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