10 investigations: The Migrant

The first number in our series 10 investigations takes a closer look at the role of the migrant in our society. With contributors Bouchra Khalili, Deeyah Khan, Fadlabi, Faizrullah Muradi, Josef Yohannes, Kavar Singh, Maria Navarro Skaranger, Marie Skeie and Motaz Al Habbash, Nora Mehsen and Warsan Ismail.


10 investigations is the name of our new series of publications. It will be published once a year, each time with a new topic related to our work of that season. Each publication will contain 10 analytical investigations of contested concepts in a culturally diverse society. The investigations are done in the form of text, comics, interviews, photographs, artwork or illustrations. In this first edition we will explore ideas of Migrant Power. Download the pdf here (Norwegian only).

Contributors are Bouchra Khalili (artist), Deeyah Khan (filmmaker), Fadlabi (artist), Faizrullah Muradi (interpreter), João Doria (designer), Josef Yohannes (cartoonist), Kavar Singh (video director), Maria Navarro Skaranger (author), Marie Skeie and Motaz Al Habbash (artists), Nora Mehsen (social commentator) and Warsan Ismail (writer and student).

Our official launch was November 8, 2016, at Tøyengata Bodega, Oslo.

Photo: Kavar Singh (video still)




Book, Literature


8 Nov



Guest editor
Warsan Ismail
Editor in charge
Hilde Maisey
João Doria
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