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Year: 2018

Reaching new audiences in the Nordic Countries

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Year: 2018

On behalf of the Arts Council Norway, TrAP invites all interested Art Museums in the Nordic countries to participate in a new collaborative outreach network.

The Norwegian Ministry of Culture has initiated a three-year project for an inclusive cultural sector in the Nordic region (2017-2019) in connection with the Norwegian Chairmanship in the Nordic Council of Ministers. The aim is to share knowledge, tools and methods on how to work with inclusion in the Arts.

This initiative is set up to develop practical skills in reaching new audience groups for Art Museums in the region. In addition, the project is designed to release the artistic potential that arises from meeting these new audience groups.

We offer a collaborative network for Art museums interested in evolving methods for reaching a more diverse audience. The platform will be coordinated by TrAP based on the methods from our project, Keys to the City.

Art Museums interested in participating should be prepared to invest time and travel expenses in the network.


We welcome applications!

Year: 2018

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