Links to projects

Title Location Category År
False Belief Oslo Film 2019
Stranger Within Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim Performing Arts 2018
Stranger Within - the documentary Oslo Film 2018
Film program: The courage to live — A conversation about freedom, migration and love Tromsø, Oslo, Trondheim Film 2018
Here and there Oslo 2018
Fall 2018 _ Now, Then 2018
To Mars by All Means Oslo Visual Art 2018
Status Quo 2018
Keys to the City Oslo and Akershus
TrAP Tromsø Tromsø 2018
SPRING 2018 _ All Borders Are Temporary 2018
10 investigations: All Borders Are Temporary Book 2018
Film program: All Borders are Temporary Trondheim, Oslo, Tromsø Film 2018
Fall 2017 _ True North 2017
SPRING 2017 _ Plural Freedom 2017
TrAP's White Paper on Culture Oslo Seminars 2018
Un-located Readings Oslo Literature 2017
I write my own future: TrAP’s film series about belonging Oslo, Trondheim and Tromsø Film 2017
Light in Movement Harstad Visual Art 2017
10 Investigations: Plural Freedom Book, Literature 2017
TrAP on recruitment to the cultural field Oslo Seminars 2017
Mina / Meg Svolvær Visual Art 2017
Reversible Oslo Performing Arts 2017
Transit Radio Norway Music 2016
Musikkfest Oslo 2018 Oslo Music 2018
Light of the City Bratislava Visual Art 2016
Ural Pop Helsinki Music 2016
10 investigations: The Migrant Oslo Book, Literature 2016
Tokso: As far as my memory goes Oslo Music 2017
Musikkfest Oslo 2017 Oslo Music 2017
In the National Museum’s Blind Spot Norway Visual Art 2014
Mother Tongue Norway, Sweden Visual Art
Transcultural Flux Bergen, Lillestrøm Visual Art 2016
Bivrfrost and the Dialogue Project Oslo Performing Arts 2014
PUBspa - Corridor weeks Oslo Visual Art 2015
FALL 2016 _ Migrant power 2016
Photophobia Oslo Visual Art 2013
Colomborama Oslo Visual Art, Music 2013
The Storytellers – Los Habladores Oslo Visual Art 2012
Styrende Mangfold Oslo Seminars 2010
Pichet Klunchun Dance Company Oslo Performing Arts 2012
Tetine Oslo Music 2012
Deception in High Places: Woman Cleaning Weapon Industry Oslo Visual Art 2016
2+1 Drammen Music 2016
Musikkfest Oslo 2016 Oslo Music 2016
Bem-ti-vi, CD Oslo Music, Album 2015
Mother Tongue, publication Book 2015
Norwegian-Kurdish voices in art and literature Lillestrøm Seminars 2015
The role of artists in urban development Lillestrøm Seminars 2015
unseeing art Trondheim Visual Art 2015
Nezaket Ekici: Gaia - Mother Earth Drammen Visual Art 2016
Podcast launch Oslo Music 2016
A sound piece by Torske and Sex Tags Trondheim Visual Art, Music 2015
A New Beginning Oslo Visual Art 2011
Transcultural Flux, publication Book 2016
The unbearable biases in the art world Oslo Seminars 2015
Damn Right! – Norwegian Wood? Oslo Visual Art 2013
The right to territory, the right to life Grimstad Film 2016
El Bodegón Post-Mortem Oslo Visual Art 2013
Crack Family Oslo Music 2013
RE place / RE quest Oslo Visual Art 2013
A gathering of the ar(c)t(ic) tribes II Mo i Rana Seminars 2014
Bogotápolis Oslo Visual Art 2013
Artistic shorts Oslo Visual Art 2016
Musikkfest Oslo 2015 Oslo Music 2015
Oslo Palestine Film Festival: Meet Hany Abu-Assad Oslo Film 2014
Oslo Palestine Film Festival Oslo Film 2012
Head(s) Stavanger Performing Arts 2012
Padik Autumn Tour Norway Music, Touring 2012
Unni Løvlid & Eva Quartet with Håkon Thelin Norfjordeid, Oslo, Trondheim Music, Touring 2012
Womex: Farmers Market, Padik and Ivan Mazuze Group Denmark Music 2011
Larache Oslo Performing Arts 2011
Multitude nation: The art and the will for change Oslo Seminars 2014
Mugre, Trilobite, Casi and DJ Selector Q Oslo Music 2013
Prioritering av det frie feltet – fleip eller fakta? Oslo Seminars 2014
New cultural policies Oslo Seminars 2013
The Nature, Spirit and Future of Artist-Run Spaces and the Culture of Collective Self-Organization in Contemporary Art Oslo Seminars 2013
The Intercultural Nordic Region Oslo Seminars 2012
Viewing Palestine: Palestine in International Cultural Cooperation Oslo Seminars 2011
The EU Cultural Programme and project financing Oslo Seminars 2012
​Viewing Palestine: Freedom of Expression and Journalism: A Still Small Voice – A Big Echo Oslo Seminars 2011
Changes in the Arts Council Norway Oslo Seminars 2011
Voluntary Labor in Arts and Culture Asker Seminars 2010
The international reality in the cultural sector – responsibility of the media Oslo Seminars 2009
Words – one path to peace and understanding Oslo Seminars 2008
No more talking - let's DO something about it! Drammen Seminars 2008
Total Global seminar Oslo Seminars 2008
​Recycling the looking-glass / Trash art – Found objects seminar Oslo Seminars 2008
Are there foreigners in Art? Oslo Seminars 2008
Collaboration across borders – beyond the Year of Diversity 2008 Trondheim Seminars 2007
Strategies for Audience Development Oslo Seminars 2007
Cultural diversity in dissemination of culture Oslo Seminars 2006
Young people as performers and audience Tromsø Seminars 2005
Photophobia - Apichatpong Weerasethakul, publication Book 2013
Storytellers, publication Book 2012
A New Beginning, publication Book 2013
Recycling the looking-glass: Trash art – Found objects, publication Book 2010
Lim Dim, publication Book 2009
Equatorial Rhythms, publication Book 2007
grense_løs / bound_less, publication Book 2005
Meeting Point, publication Book 2005
Guayabita by AmeFrica, CD Album 2012
Equatorial Rhythms, CD Album 2007
A Primal Spirit, CD Album 2007
2 worlds 1 struggle, CD Album 2006
Golestan, CD Album 2005
Frokostmøte om styrearbeid Oslo Seminars 2015
Musikkfest Oslo 2014 Oslo Music 2014
Musikkfest Oslo 2013 Oslo Music 2013
Busi Ncube Tromsø Music 2012
​Abdulrahman Surizehi Tromsø Music 2012
Atelier Populaire Oslo / Palestinerleir Oslo Visual Art 2012
Grupo Zanza Oslo Music 2012
Musikkfest Oslo 2012 Oslo Music 2012
An African Oasis of International Poetry and Music Tromsø Music 2012
Abdulrahman Surizehi with guests Oslo Music 2011
​Musikkfest Oslo 2011 Oslo Music 2011
Musikkfest Oslo 2010 Oslo Music 2010
Norouz / Newrouz Oslo Performing Arts 2011
Dialogue meeting: How to gain influence? Oslo Seminars 2015
​WE INSIST Nord Nordic region Performing Arts 2009
Lim Dim Oslo Visual Art 2009
Meeting Point Oslo Visual Art 2005
Total Global Oslo Performing Arts, Music 2008
Brasil Music Festival 2010 Oslo Music 2010
Recycling the Looking Glass: Trash Art - Found Objects Norway Visual Art 2008  - 2010
Unni Løvlid & Eva Quartet in the mausoleum Oslo Music 2011
Brazil Music Night feat. Nelson da Rabeca Oslo Music 2011
Smuggling Lemons & ACT III Oslo Visual Art 2011
Filmprosess Tromsø, Lillehammer, Oslo Film 2011
Viewing Palestine Drammen, Oslo Music, Literature 2011
G-town (Jerusalem) Oslo Music 2011
Heaven’s Gate Drammen Music 2011
Transjoik meets Sabreen Oslo Music 2011
Viewing Palestine: Reading sessions Oslo Seminars 2011
Jalwa: Reflections from Punjab Oslo Performing Arts 2010
Kathak workshop with Priya Pawar Oslo Performing Arts 2010
Workshops with Manou Gallo Oslo Music 2010
Tassili Tromsø Music 2010
Busi Ncube with band at Cosmopolite Oslo Music 2010
Sheldon Blackman & the Soul Rebels Steinkjer Music 2010
Hassany and Diven Oslo Performing Arts 2008
The play on Garborg and Baral Asker, Alvdal Performing Arts 2010
Not Just Ink on Paper Oslo Visual Art 2010
innSYN=INNsikt Oslo Visual Art 2010
Songs of an Extended North Nordic region Performing Arts 2007
Talk of dreams Oslo Seminars 2011
Womex: Padik Denmark Music 2011
Womex: Farmers Market Denmark Music 2011
Womex: ​Ivan Mazuze Group Denmark Music 2011
Musikkfest Oslo 2009 Oslo Music 2009
Mokoomba Oslo Music 2009
AmeFrica Steinkjer, Trondheim, Oslo Music 2009
Wagëblë Tromsø, Oslo, Drammen Music 2009
Trails of water behind a passing boat Bergen Visual Art 2009
Hanging Gardens Oslo Visual Art 2008
The Two Leaders I Know Oslo Performing Arts 2009
Bintou by Koffi Kwahulé Oslo Performing Arts 2009
Urban World 2009 Oslo Music 2009
grense_løs / bound_less Norway Visual Art 2005
Equatorial Rhythms Oslo Visual Art, Music 2007
Seven Winds Oslo Music 2009
Amazone Oslo Music 2008
Abrakamondos - Luison y su sonora Steinkjer Music 2008
Super Patriots and Morons Oslo Performing Arts 2008
Jalwa: Loona Drammen, Oslo Performing Arts 2008
Musikkfest Oslo 2008 Oslo Music 2008
2 Move / Migratory Aesthetics Oslo Visual Art 2008
Mirada contra Mirada Oslo, Førde, Eidsfjord, Sørumsand Visual Art 2007
Don't Panic - Dance theatre by Magnhild Fossum Oslo Performing Arts 2008
Tumi Molekane & DJ Papercutt Tromsø, Oslo, Kirkenes, Bergen Music 2008
Urban World 2008 Oslo Music 2008
Hands that shape humanity Oslo Visual Art 2008
Diom de Kossa & Touba Orchestra Oslo, Ski, Tromsø, Haugesund Music 2008
ACT I: Conversation Bubble by Ana Rewakovicz Bergen, Odda, Oslo Visual Art 2008
ACT II: Breaking the ice by Regina José Galindo Oslo Visual Art 2008
Sonora Cimarrón Narvik Music 2009
Urban World 2007 Oslo Music 2007
Cibelle + Claudio & Cristina Latini / Jacob Young Oslo, Trondheim Music 2007
Siji - Groove Experience Drammen, Oslo Music 2007
Musikkfest Oslo 2007 Oslo Music 2007
A Primal Spirit Arendal, Bergen, Oslo Music 2007
Shankara Oslo Music 2007
Color Tango Drammen, Oslo Music 2007
Solo Cissokho Family Steinkjer Music 2007
no land / utopias Oslo Visual Art 2007
Cheikh Lô Drammen, Tromsø Music 2006
Musikkfest Oslo 2006 Oslo Music 2006
Östblocket Fredrikstad, Oslo Music 2006
Wagëblë - tour and workshops Tour Music 2006
Banda Elástica Oslo, Trondheim Music 2006
Zarbang Oslo Music 2006
The Continuum: Behind the Killing Fields Oslo Performing Arts 2006
Teater Fusentast: Sand between the toes Oslo Performing Arts 2006
Damini House of Culture: A Doll's House Oslo Performing Arts 2006
Teater Fusentast: Katitzi Oslo Performing Arts 2006
Heri Dono: Interrogation - FreeDOM Oslo Visual Art 2006
Life is a Habit / Vida es Hábito Oslo, Trondheim Visual Art 2005
Celio de Carvalho with band Fjaler Music 2006
Aw / Ofsdal / Sereba at Hilmar Alexandersen Folk Music Festival Steinkjer Music 2006
Musikkfest Oslo 2005 Oslo Music 2005
Golestan release concert Oslo Music 2005
Pondok Gengong vs. Norwegian Jew's Harps Sigdal, Drammen, Oslo Music 2005
Shankar ensemble on tour Tour Music 2005
Aida Nadeem Tour Music 2005
Sol Danse Norway Music 2005
Typically Norwegian to be rude? Oslo Literature 2005
Teater Fusentast: "Katta og andre strofer" Akershus, Oslo Performing Arts 2005
Rani Nair: Pieces of me Oslo, Tromsø Performing Arts 2005
Chinese Culture Festival performance Oslo Performing Arts 2004
Musikkfest Oslo 2004 Oslo Music 2004
Sexteto Mayor Oslo Music 2004
Pippa Skotnes: Lamb of God Oslo Visual Art 2004
Sadegh Hedajat 100 years Oslo Literature 2003
Tridhara: Three flows Trondheim, Oslo Performing Arts 2003
Garin Nugroho: Indonesian film Trondheim, Bergen, Oslo Film 2003
Text & Subtext Visual Art 2002
Asian Caravan - a musical, litterary and scenographic journey Norway Music 2002
TRANS//FORM - 13 Nordic World artists on the move Scandinavia, Baltikum Visual Art 2002
Iranian literature in exile Oslo Literature 2002
The Chinese Film Orchestra of Traditional Music Oslo Music 2002
Dialogue Asia Norway Visual Art, Performing Arts, Music, Literature 2002
DSV - Nation-wide programme for 1998 Norway Visual Art, Performing Arts, Music 1998
Words – International literary festival Oslo Literature 2008
​Feng Zhengjie: Chinese Pop-Art Oslo Visual Art 2002
Juan Hu: Installations Oslo Visual Art 2002
Benoit Tamba & Band Steinkjer Music 2011
Way Out West Oslo Music 2011
Hassan Al Rassam Ensemble Oslo, Drammen Music 2006
How to reach a more diverse audience? Oslo Seminars 2016
What New Internationalism? Oslo Seminars 2016
Minorities and creative careers Oslo Seminars 2016
Colomborama, publication Book 2013
Materials for a makeshift shack Book 2013
Keys to the City goes nordic Nordic region Organization
TrAP’s Privacy Policy
Jubilee banquet Oslo 2018
TrAP changes name to TrAP
Permanent position as our new Communication Adviser Organization
TrAP's White Paper on Culture Book
Head(s), publication Book 2012
WE INSIST, publication Book 2009
Mer makt til mangfoldet, publication Book 2014
New report: Nordic experiences of diversity in arts and culture The nordic countries Organization 2018
Nordic experiences of diversity in arts and culture Book 2018